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The Brown Basilisk or Striped Basilisk (Basiliscus vittatus) is one species of basilisk lizard. They are native to Panama, Belize, northwestern Colombia and Costa Rica, but have been introduced into the U.S. state of Florida as a feral species. They have the nickname "Jesus Lizard" because when fleeing from a predator, they can run on water.
Not poisonous but will bite to defend itself.
 Jesus Lizard
Belize Jesus Lizard
Don't be fooled by its dead stillness or its cute little dinosour look. If you get close enough to touch it, before you even see it move, it will have your finger in a vice grip with its razor sharp teeth and won't let go until it feels you have shed enough blood for it to make a run for it, and it does that so fast too, that's why it can run across water before it has time to sink! What you see on documentaries is greatly slowed down.