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 Doctor Fly
The Doctor Fly, so called by Belizians because if one bites you, you'll most likely end up at the doctor's offce for a shot! They are more commonly known as the Yellow Fly. These are nasty biters and you will end up with anything from a small reaction like that of a mosquito bite to a severe reaction with a painful swelling several inches long.
Diachlorus ferrugatus (Fabricius), is the "true" yellow fly. It is a predominantly yellow fly about 1 cm (3/8 inch) long, similar in appearance to a deer fly (Chrysops). The fore legs are predominantly black, the other pairs yellow. The wings are clear, with black stigma, yellow costal cell, and a prominent brown patch at the apex. The eyes of the live fly are brilliant blue- green, with two semicircular purple bands. The female can be distinguished from deer flies by the very narrow frons (space between the eyes in front), and (in both sexes) the brown wing patch at the apex, rather than across the middle of the wing. The abdomen is yellow, black- haired on the sides, but with a broad yellow-haired stripe down the middle. 
Belize Doctor Fly